Trashology, Part 2

Most of the trash I find is repetitive and unremarkable: soda and beer cans, plastic cups and bags, miscellaneous wrappers.  On occasion, however, I encounter something curious, unique either for its innate qualities or locale, and when I find these things, I photograph them, catalog them mentally, and move on.  But now it’s time to settle up and, piece by piece, present to you my sideshow of the strange and remarkable Trash on the Monocacy.

A bird whistle?



It says it’s a Glo-Coater Wax Applier.



In case you didn’t pick up your spork.



I haven’t figured out the make and model yet.



I wouldn’t trust it.



I think that’s Snoopy. Or maybe Woodstock. Definitely Peanuts.



And, last of all, in my Pollyanna-ish moments, I like to think that someone placed this bottle so conspicuously on this branch so that they could come back for it later. When I’m objective, I realize someone was just, well, not thinking.  But, when I’m tired and cynical, this looks like someone flicking the bird at the river.  Today is wet and gray, so I’m thinking definitely the bird.

The good news: none of this trash is on the Monocacy anymore.

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