Light in January


I am often frustrated by the limitations of the camera on my phone, especially when the light does something near-miraculous, like turn the forest a tinny orange when the sky is the hue of a lighted bruise. It’s not just the color that I want to capture, but the feeling. Either I am on another planet or in another world, and the air is alive with its alienness. How can my limited view explain this?


The sun can play tricks, too, and turn the world upside-down. Water is its partner in this, gathering in light, amplifying it, and reflecting it back to the sky. How many worlds are there in a river that has seen so much time pass?

30 thoughts on “Light in January

  1. Greetings!
    The perfection of your frames can only be matched by the way you have written.This kind of fusion is what people would like to see more on WordPress.This removes monotony in articles and blogs.
    Hoping you continue this good work.
    -The Brown Nomad.


  2. Great photos and thoughts too. We seem to share perceptions of scenes too as I took some similar photos a few days back and posted on our Instagram page as well as our blog. Just started to capture “real trash in the wild” too.


  3. Rimor et Vagus🗺🌍

    Wow! You are a great photographer! I know exactly what you mean. You really need to be there to feel the moment…


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