A Dog’s Day


Somewhere in the distance there is a rabbit. Always. More likely there are two or three, whispering in the tall grass, munching on clover, leaving traces of their scent along the borders of trails and sidewalks. They’re driving her mad. Her ears are up, her nose is trembling, muzzle tensed to form a sharp, anguished bark. I see the rabbits before she does, but she knows that they’re there. When they move, she rushes, frustrated by the restraints of her harness. She glances back at me, whines, asks why. I tell her that she wouldn’t catch them anyway, nor the deer that have their eyes on us. It’s all more than her mutt heart can bear. She’ll come home, sit on her bed, and gnaw a pencil to splinters. Next time, she’ll grumble, next time.

9 thoughts on “A Dog’s Day

  1. This is one of the more satisfying reads of all the blogs I follow! I like your purpose and find it inspiring that you chose this path. Good for you! One small patch of earth is better for your efforts! each of us could and should follow your example.


  2. Great post, thanks for sharing. Short, but evocative of so much. Love what you’ve been doing here!
    I nominated you for the “Mystery Blogger Award” – sort of a digital chain letter, I know, and not everybody enjoys that sort of thing, so no pressure to keep it going. Point is – I enjoy what you’re doing, and think it’s worthwhile to share, so hopefully it will result in others discovering what I already know about you!
    If you choose to play along, the “rules” are on my post here:


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