Variation on a Theme: Tires

Tires.  Lots of Tires.  In the water, on land, buried in mud, stuffed with leaves, lacerated, worn, big, heavy, and all dumped at the river.  I have no idea how to deal with them.  If I can dig them out, they’re still too unruly to walk home, especially through a neighborhood with distracted kids. And, even if I do get them home, I have no way to dispose of them. Since Frederick City has no bulk trash pick-up, I either have to hire a dumpster or rent a truck to haul the tires to the dump myself.  Maybe this is why the tires are here in the first place.  Maybe it explains a lot of the trash I find at the Monocacy. Taxes aren’t particularly low in Frederick City, and it seems to me illogical and uninspired not to use some of them for a public service that might well serve the environment as well as the city’s people. So, here’s a message, Frederick: Bring back bulk trash pick-up.

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